Taj Mahal and Koko Taylor guest-star in new Arthur episode “Big Horns George” December 26th

On Friday, December 26, kids and their families will get a special holiday gift when blues musicians
Koko Taylor and Taj Mahal guest-star in “Big Horns George.”
In this episode, a chance meeting with
legendary Queen of the Blues Koko Taylor inspires George to write and perform his own blues song.
Stage fright and self-doubt overwhelm him, but fortunately,Taylor and fellow blues great Taj Mahal
give George the encouragement he needs to keep singing those blues!

Both Taylor and Taj Mahal were recently featured in another WGBH co-production, Martin Scorsese’s
The Blues.
Inspired by the series, the ARTHUR team collaborated with The Blues producers to find
guest-stars who are ideally suited to introduce kids to blues music.

“I see my participation in ARTHUR as a great opportunity to give kids a leg-up on a musical legacy that’s
important to the whole world,”
says Taj Mahal. “Introducing kids to the blues is especially important
now when so many public arts and music programs are being discontinued.”

Taylor adds,”Children are tomorrow’s generation and I’m doing the show for them.This is a superb
opportunity to educate children about the blues and its importance.”

(check local listings)