SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has issued a proc-lamation declaring Sunday, September 2, 2007, Summer of Love 40 th Anniversary Day in San Francisco.

On that day, the 40th Anniversary Summer of Love Free Concert will take place in Golden Gate Park’s Speedway Meadows between 10 AM and 6 PM.
Mayor Newsom acknowledged the 60’s movement in his proclamation which begins:

“Whereas, The Summer of Love in San Francisco is internationally recognized as the birthplace of the 60’s revolution that ignited a spiritual awaking that swept the world…” The full proclamation including concert information can be found at
Summer of Love.

CONFIRMED ACTS INCLUDE (July 9, 07): Taj Mahal, Country Joe McDonald, Lester Chambers (from Chambers Brothers), Canned Heat, New Riders of the Purple Sage,
Jesse Colin Young (from the Youngbloods), Jerry Miller Band (from Moby Grape) featuring Tyran Porter and Dale Okerman (from the Doobie Brothers)
and Fuzzy John Oxendine (from the Sons of Champlin) ,
Banana (from the Youngbloods),
Michael McClure and Ray Manzarek (from the Doors),
San Francisco’s First Family of Rock (TBA), Brian Auger,
Nick Gravenites Band with David Laflamme, Dickie Peterson of Blue Cheer, Chris and Lorin of the Rowan Brothers, The Alameda All Stars (from Gregg Allman band), Brad Jenkins, Terry Haggerty (from the Sons of Champlin), Tony Lindsay (Santana),
Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, George Michalski – Pete Sears Dueling Keys, Freddie Roulette , Ron Thompson ,
The Charlatans, Leigh Stephens (Blue Cheer), Greg Douglas (from Steve Miller),
Pete Sears (Jefferson Starship), Essra Mohawk (from Mothers of Invention),
Barry “The Fish” Melton, All Night Flight featuring David Denny and Steve McCarty (from Steve Miller),
Jack King (from Cold Blood) and Dale Ockerman (from Doobie Brothers ),
Merl Saunders (supporting the event), Squid B. Vicious with Buddy Miles, Jim Post (Friend and Lover,
Siegel Schwall Blues Band), Fayette Hauser and the Cocketts, Terrance Hallinan
(former SF DA) Ruth Weiss (Beat Poet), Richard Eastman (marijuana initiative), Lenore Kandel

(Beat Poet), Paul “Lobster” Wells, Dr Hip (Eugene Schoenfeld), Artie Kornfeild

(Producer of Woodstock), Wavy Gravy, Mouse man (Bagpipes), Leigh Davidson (Height
Ashbery Medical Clinic), Bruce Latimer (Bruce Latimer show), Rabbi Joseph
Bruce Barthol (Mime Troup), Doug Green, Howard Hesseman (schedule permitting), Benjamin Hernandez (Harts hands and Elders), American Indigenous people’s,
Agnes Pilgrim and 13 Grandmas (schedule permitting), Lakota War Pony’s, Merle Tendoy (6 th generation of Sacagawea ) Shonie, Harry Riverbottom (Chippewa),
Chief Sunne Reyna, Iroquois Tribe, Dakota Tribe, Seminole Tribe, Emit Powell and the

Gospel Elites. We are unable to pre-announce certain San Francisco heritage
musicians because of their 60-mile/60-day contract with other venues.

What began 40 years ago in San Francisco is being celebrated worldwide this summer.
Other events across the nation and around the world are also honoring the
“Summer of Love 40th Anniversary,” including; Canada, England, France, Germany,
the Czech Republic and in Monterey and San Diego, California. All these events recognize
and support the principals of the 60’s generation and the birth of the counter-culture.

A web cast of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park 40th Anniversary Concert will be streamed throughout the day on the Apple QuickTime website.

Pop artist icon Peter Max said, “I am so happy to see that a concert is being held in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love. It’s important there is a historical legacy to the message that this time period represents. We need to always celebrate the universal values of compassion, peace and love.”

A 26 poster series has been printed celebrating this event in the style of the 60’s.

Artist included in the series: Mark Henson, Hunter, Donovan (Fire House), J. Kosa, Seabarry, M. Dolgushkin, T. Tweleves, Crowbar, P. Ryan, L. Lamb, L. Conklin, M. Mot, L. Graves, A Annengerg, Hamersfield, Ferris, Houston, Kerrigan, Howard, Moskowitz, Olson, Wright, , Jacobs, Loren, are in the series. Peter Max is also doing a poster celebrating the event.