Peep and the Big Wild World!

Beginning Monday, April 12 at 8am e/p, Ready Set Learn! introduces a new series for preschoolers.
Peep is a newly hatched chick who will open children’s eyes to the “big wide world” around them. Comedienne Joan Cusack narrates the adventures of the little chicken and his friends.
The characters are based on those created by Academy Award nominated animator Kai Pindal (Karate Kids.
Episodes combine animation with live-action short segments. By the birds’ example, preschoolers will acquire basic science investigation skills such as observing, comparing, predicting and persevering in a way that is entertaining!

Joining the award-winning team is Blues legend, Taj Mahal, who will perform the theme song, which is a perfect fit.
Peep will air weekday mornings from 8-8:30am e/p beginning Monday, April 12, on TLC as part of “Ready Set Learn!”.
Episodes repeat twice each morning on Discovery Kids between 6am and Noon e/p beginning April 19