Letters from the Road…

This CD (Hanapepe Dream)is one of the best of all time. No matter how many times I hear it, I still
love it, every song! I just heard Taj Mahal and the Hula Blues Band last night in
Seattle (Woodland Park Zoo 7/6/03) and what a treat!
I still like Taj’s blues numbers, but the Hula Blues really does it for me.
My only disappointment last night was that they didn’t play
“Great Big Boat.” But all the rest was far out! Especially Black Jack Davey…

I got tickets thru work (sponsored show) I had no idea what I had gotten
my self into when we walked into the britt gardens.(Britt Festival 7/5/03)
We are now fans for life I never knew the blues could jump into the soul of someone
like your music did to me. Thank you so much for an amazing night.

God sent you a gift. FISH ON!

Your musical skills, joy and big bootie moving around the stage were the
perfect antidote to the “interesting times” we live in. Thirty years ago
I danced to your music at the Topanga Corral.
Friends took me to Britt
(Britt Festival 7/5/03) on my visit to the US from my life in Mexico.
I was deeply comforted and joyified. Thank you so much.
From my heart
to yours Namaste.
PS I’ve never considered being a groupie but should you ever need a 64
year old hot looking mama groupie, let me know. Good luck and bless your