January 25th for Immediate Release:

MKUTANO the latest in musical explorations forThe Taj Mahal Trio is due for release Feb 15th!

The Taj Mahal Trio: Taj Mahal (vocals, guitar, banjo), Bill Rich (electric bass) and Kester Smith (drums) join together in culture and sound with the first and foremost taarab orchestra of Zanzibar – The Culture Musical Club of Zanzibar.
9 tracks of exotic musical spices and textures weaving together a tapestry of Life and Music.

Track List:
1.Dhow Countries 2.Muhoga wa jang’ombe 3.Zanzibar 4.Catfish Blues 5.Naahidi Kulienzi
6.Mkutano 7.Done changed my way of living. 8.M’Banjo 9.Mpunga
The Culture Musical Club