Carole Fredericks wins Three Awards!

Fredericks’ album Springfield swept the Gospel Categories with three wins:
Best Gospel Album: Springfield followed by Best Gospel Song: Shine and Second Place Finalist in the song category Save My Soul.
Both “Shine” and “Save My Soul” were written by Carole Fredericks with music composition by Erick Benzi. A third song from the album, “So I Pray” written by Yvonne Jones, was nominated as well.

“We are over the moon with excitement,” said Connie Fredericks-Malone, spokesperson for CDF Music Legacy. “This is the recognition we’ve wanted for Carole’s music.”
Carole Fredericks recorded Springfield in Paris in July of 1996. She dedicated the album to her mother, Mildred Fredericks Williams, who had passed away before the album was completed. Springfield was so named for Fredericks’ hometown in Western Massachusetts. The album pays tribute to her idols – Aretha Franklin, Sam and Dave, the Beatles, and Mahalia Jackson.
In an unusual move, Fredericks released 8 contemporary gospel selections along with 6 blues and pop songs on the same album. Recorded entirely in English, Springfield was released to rave reviews in France, Belgium and Switzerland. Fredericks toured Europe for close to a year sharing personal stories of her childhood with enthralled audiences and singing the music of her roots.
“This album was never released in the United States,” continues Connie Fredericks-Malone. “Not too many people knew about Carole,” she continues, “but all that is about to change. Carole winning the JPF Music Awards confirms our belief that her voice and recordings have a place in American music.”

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